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Because you can easily adapt standard local marketing strategies that you are already familiar with to be mobile-friendly, mobile marketing is simple to incorporate into your existing marketing strategy.

We recommend starting with these seven mobile marketing strategies!

1. A mobile-friendly website

Without one, your other efforts in mobile marketing will be less successful. A responsive website is the best for mobile-friendliness. A responsive website can adapt to any device the user is using, making it simple for them to read your content, click on buttons, and navigate your website.

You are resulting in a negative user experience if your website is not mobile-friendly. For instance, if someone finds you on their smartphone through a social ad or a local listing, and they click on your website, they are likely to leave and forget about your company.

If you are unsure whether your website is already mobile-friendly, you can have a member of your team test it on a mobile device or test it yourself to fully understand the mobile user experience. Alternately, you can make use of Google’s mobile site tester, which, once you enter the URL, will evaluate your website’s mobile capabilities for you.

Talk to your website provider or marketing partner to fix your site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. You might also mention that Google indexes your mobile site first, so if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, your performance will be affected regardless of the device you use.

2. Mobile search advertising

You can make your search engine marketing efforts mobile-friendly in the same way that you can make your website mobile-friendly. Since 55% of people search for businesses on their mobile devices, you should ensure that your PPC ads appear in their results.

Ad extensions that are available for mobile devices can also be utilized. We can also choose to see Call Ads on the Google Search platform, which only appear on phones and most tablets that can make calls. To increase your chances of having your business number shown, you can attach Call Extensions to any text ad type in addition to call ads.

Your target audience will have a better mobile experience when using those search engines if you shorten your ad copy and try out call-based ad strategies.

3. Local listings

Local businesses looking to expand their mobile presence should seriously consider signing up for free listing services like Google My Business. This is due to the fact that when people are on the move, they will pull out their smartphone from their back pocket and use local listings to find your small business.

It is essential to ensure that your business information and name are current on mobile-friendly platforms like Yelp, Bing, and Facebook in order to increase the amount of business you receive from mobile users. If you have accurate information about your business, such as your name, address, website, hours, and other contact details, mobile users will have a better chance of contacting you.

4. Social media marketing

Because the majority of people only scroll through their feeds on their mobile devices, both organic social media marketing and paid social ads are effective mobile marketing strategies. In fact, 83% of all social media visits in 2019 came from mobile devices

You can and should have a presence on Facebook and Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy. also include tactics like Waze, LinkedIn, Snapchat Advertising, and Tik Tok!

You should think about using creative graphics or videos to post engaging content when putting mobile social media strategies into action. This will help you get more people to engage with your posts and make them mobile-optimized, which means posting shorter but still powerful posts.

5. Email marketing

despite the fact that it gives the impression of being so. Actually, the opposite is true, as 68% of email campaigns are opened on mobile devices.

This indicates that because the majority of your emails will be opened on a mobile device, you should design your email marketing campaigns to be mobile-friendly.

Not only should you keep your email copy to a minimum in order to work with limited screen real estate, but you should also consider other email components like subject lines, call-to-action buttons, and pre-header text for previews. This way, you can effectively use mobile email marketing to welcome new clients, advertise discounts or sales, and educate existing clients about how to keep your company in their minds.

6. Setting up location

targeting for your marketing strategies with geofencing makes use of either radio frequency identification (RFID) or global positioning systems (GPS).

You can set a boundary with geofencing around a specific area or a radius of an area, such as a city, state, region, country, or zip code. After that, it will monitor mobile devices that enter or exit that area to present advertisements to those who enter.

You can easily reach people on the go with geofencing based on an area near your business, a business that complements it, or even your competitor’s business! Your advertisement would then appear in apps on their mobile devices, encouraging them to visit your establishment or take advantage of an offer.

7. Sending text messages to your customers or prospects is known as SMS marketing.

When it comes to mobile marketing, nothing beats sending a text message directly to your customer than an SMS campaign. Furthermore, since people are more likely to sign up for text messages from brands they like.

In point of fact, 64% of customers believe that businesses that text value their time, are forward-thinking, and would recommend them to others. Therefore, encourage your clients to sign up for your company’s regular text promotions.

You can share links, updates, and new promotions with potential customers using SMS marketing. This not only helps your audience remember you, but it can also move them further along the buyer’s journey and closer to deciding to take a meaningful action like making a purchase or booking.

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